A online/desktop multi-player version is now available:

Demo online table

Players dial into a shared online room to play cards which are dealt as normal.

Players only see their own cards and use this common ‘table’ to play games & discuss topics. There is no limit on the number of concurrent players but 8 is typically the maximum practical group size.

This is a public platform (customised to suit) which is accessed via a unique URL and managed by the Client.

Where corporate IT systems prevent access to sites considered to be gambling or gaming, an online whiteboard platform e.g. Miro can be used to provide similar functionality e.g. interactive Process Safety Management or monitoring:

PSM card table

Or validating (via a simple review) of HAZOP or PHA studies by placing cards onto the ‘table’ when the LoC event has been discussed:

PHA card table

At the end of the review, whichever cards are left are either:

  • To be discussed
  • Not applicable
  • Discussed but participant wasn’t paying attention

This is explained in the following video:

Players can also use a simple random number generator to draw a card from the deck (click here to try) or we can customise an Excel based tool that can be deployed inside the organisation e.g. as part of online meetings.

This tool is explained in the following video:

Excel Card Table

Whichever platform is deployed, using the same familiar images digitally & physically ensures a common language to communicate hazard knowledge which is understandable between the ‘Board Room’ and the ‘Control Room’.

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